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3 Common Issues That Require Expert Window Repair In Colorado Springs

Posted By: Leah Austin

The windows in a home make it easy to let fresh air and sunshine in and allow a family to take full advantage of any outdoor views. Windows are designed to last for 20 or more years before needing replacement, but as with anything that is used on a regular basis and exposed to the elements, there may be issues that require Window Repair in Colorado Springs. Some smaller problems can be addressed by a homeowner, but the following are more serious issues that should only be fixed by an experienced technician.

Fogging Glass

Most newer windows are double pane, which leaves a small gap between the interior and exterior panes that is filled with a specialized gas. The gas is designed to reduce the overall effects of the sun’s harmful rays and reduce the occurrence of temperature shifts. If the seal between the two panes becomes damaged, the gas can escape and allow moisture to form, which can lead to a foggy appearance.

Balance Spring Replacement

Windows utilize balancing springs that are located on both sides, which not only makes it easy to raise and lower the unit but holds the window open at the desired height. If the springs in the window break, it can make the window complicated to open and lead to safety hazards by allowing the window to close unexpectedly. The entire window will need to be removed to access the springs, which makes it a Window Repair in Colorado Springs that is best left to a professional.

Frame Issues

The area surrounding a window is known as a frame, and it is designed to hold the unit in place while making a window easy to open and close. The frame is subjected to extreme temperature changes and natural settling. Over time, the framing materials can break down and begin to rot or shift and lead to a window that is complicated to open. A professional contractor will be able to remove the frame and either repair or replace it so the window operates smoothly and offers increased insulating value.

Window repairs may seem simple on the surface but can become complicated projects. The team at Peak View Windows offers a vast selection of repair services and can keep a home’s windows operating safely and reliably. Visit to learn more and repair any windows once and for all.

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