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5 Signs That It’s Time for Sewer Cleaning in Indianapolis IN

Posted By: Leah Austin

It’s easy to take the home’s plumbing for granted until there’s a drainage issue. Many of these problems arise due to buildup within the pipes, but sewer cleaning in Indianapolis IN can resolve them and prevent future problems. Read on to learn several of the most common signs that it’s time for a drain cleaning.


When water comes back up into the tub, shower, or sink, it shows that the drain isn’t clear. Backflow may be evident when an appliance is used. For instance, water can back up into one part of the kitchen sink when dishes are washed in the other part. Backflow can also be a problem in unconnected drains; it’s possible to see water in the shower when the toilet is flushed.

Drain Blockage

If there’s standing water in a home appliance, there’s likely a clog near the beginning of its drain. When a pipe is fully blocked, water can’t be drained. Sometimes, removing part of the clog can restore drainage. However, if the blockage is complete or unreachable, it’s time to schedule a drain cleaning to ensure that the pipe is fully cleared.

Overflowing or Empty Toilet Bowls

The water in a toilet’s bowl and the tank comes from the same place as the rest of the water in a home. If there’s a blockage, there may not be enough water for all the home’s appliances, and an empty bowl can be the result. If the problem is in the home’s outgoing plumbing, toilet water doesn’t have anywhere to go with each flush. Both of these scenarios require immediate Sewer Cleaning in Indianapolis IN.

Decreased Water Pressure

Not all blockages happen in outgoing pipes. Homeowners may notice problems with origin points such as sink faucets and showerheads. Such obstructions typically consist of lime scale and mineral buildup. If there’s a significant decrease in water pressure for one appliance, there’s likely a clog in a nearby pipe.

Slow Drains

Before a drainpipe is fully blocked, the owner may notice differences in how water flows through it. If the shower fills up with each use, there’s a blockage in the drain. While drain cleaners work in some cases, most blockages require professional cleaning. Visit the website for more information or contact us to schedule drain service.

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