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A Guide to Your Rotary Actuator

Posted By: Leah Austin

A rotary actuator is an actuator designed to produce a rotary motion or torque when in use and the simplest of these are purely mechanical in that they use only linear motion in a single direction to cause rotation. The most common actuators are run with the use of electricity and are available at a highly affordable cost throughout the year if you know who to contact for the best products on the market. Other actuators are powered by pneumatic or hydraulic power or you may even choose to purchase an actuator designed to utilize energy stored inside the machine by using springs to power itself.

High-Quality Work

A rotary actuator will product continuous rotation if it is run with electricity and will continue to provide reliable work for years after purchase with minimal and simple maintenance required. Your workers will find that operating pipeline and process valves, among other applications, is not only simple and safer but also much more cost-effective due to the long-term savings from a long lifespan. When purchasing an actuator for any application, you must first look into the quality of the product purchased and then ask yourself whether or not it is high enough to meet industry standards.

Reliable Suppliers

There are a number of actuators which suit a wide range of applications and you need a supplier capable of working with you to find the unique rotary actuator that will keep your project underway with minimal delay. Regardless of the use for which you purchase the actuator, you must also take into account the materials used and the variety of options available to you at any given time. If you suspect that you may need some advice or experienced assistance, it will only help you to contact Reliant Engineered Products at (904) 374-1768 or You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!

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