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Advantages of Post Frame Construction in Coeur D’Alene, ID for Residential Buildings

Posted By: Leah Austin

Post Frame Construction in Coeur D’Alene ID, also called post and beam design is a common type of building for barns and commercial buildings. Construction work can be done swiftly and less expensively than the construction of a frame-built structure, which is the standard model for residential settings. However, pole buildings also can be crafted for residences and are especially suitable for rural homes and rustic designs.

Construction Style

With Post Frame Construction in Coeur D’Alene ID, the weight of the building is supported by a limited number of weight-bearing posts and support beams in addition to the exterior walls. Interior walls can be included, but their purpose is only to separate rooms. They can be left out entirely except in places where the residents want privacy, which typically includes bedrooms and bathrooms. Homes with a combined living, dining, and kitchen space with a loft overlooking the area is a typical example.

No Sacrificing of Quality

The lower cost of building one of these structures is not necessarily associated with lower-quality materials, but rather with the speed of construction. That means less cost for labor. For instance, many log homes are post and beam buildings while also featuring some of the best materials and features.

In fact, this is one of the most prevalent designs for log homes, with owners choosing it instead of full scribe or timber frame models. The owners chose this kind of residence for its rustic beauty and spacious, welcoming interior. Some of these homes are worth a great deal of money and exemplify true luxury in the construction craft.

Saving Money

Many people have discovered they can own a relatively high-end home if they choose this kind of construction from a company such as Town & Country Builders, Inc. The trend toward post frame design for residences became increasingly strong during the Great Recession when people were trying to figure out a way they could afford to have a new home constructed. This possibility gave them an option. Not only the actual building is faster, but electrical wiring is easier as well. Click Here to find out more about post frame construction.

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