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An Overview Of Rosemount Temperature Transmitter Features

Posted By: Leah Austin

Rosemount is a highly regarded manufacturer of a range of different process controls. This includes flow meters, different types of pressure transmitters as well as temperature transmitters.

The company, which is Emerson, is a leader in automated process solutions as well as commercial and residential solutions. You will find the Rosemount line from Emerson in power plants, industries, processing facilities, food and beverage manufacturing systems as well as used in municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities.

The Rosemount temperature transmitter, like the other products in the line, is designed to have a long-life cycle, to be easy to install and maintain as well as to offer the features and technology required for accuracy and dependability across any type of system.

The Options

Different options in Rosemount temperature transmitter models can offer dual or single sensor options with standard types of sensor inputs in the transmitter. In addition, the transmitter will come with basic diagnostics, backup capabilities and even detection and alerts for sensor drift or thermocouple degradation. Additionally, with the ability to track minimum and maximum temperatures across the system, early detection of problems is simplified and streamlined.

The transmitters themselves are designed with two compartments to the housing. This dual housing option provides additional physical protection for the equipment for shock and vibration as well as harsh working environments. In many uses, this additional protection makes these the ideal option, particularly when there is a concern for safety and critical control throughout the system.

These temperature transmitters, based on the different models, can be certified for use in marine applications as well as hazardous locations, with full certifications and approvals for these uses. Information and specifications for all of the Rosemount temperature transmitter models should be reviewed before choosing the best option.

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