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Church Youth Programs Make a Difference in a Positive Way

Posted By: Leah Austin

When a youth program is associated with a church or another dedicated organization, the development of young people in that setting is an ongoing growth process. Such process lets your youth know they are valued, useful, and spiritually grounded, and helps them meet their social/personal needs. Key elements in these programs are youth participation, access to caring relationships, and community involvement.

Life Together

Church youth programs are primarily a place where individuals “do” life together, promoting each other’s progress and encouraging joy in believing. It’s a place young people can call home. Building blocks in the foundation of these programs include working harmoniously in groups, the relevant teaching of the Word of God, and being part of financial stewardship.

Programs such as those at Word of Life Christian Center are designed so the activities and care are appropriate for each age level. The list includes Mother’s Care for infants and toddlers, nursery care, preschool, and elementary school groups. Such groups provide suitable environments for young people up to age 12. Beyond this level, programs are structured for middle school and high school youth ministry. These type of programs follow a message series which leads youth to reach out and empower their generation.

Church in Action

One of the most important factors in church youth programs is providing a foundation for youth to be part of their church in an active way. Such participation is expressed in making sure the church as an organization is not just another religious institution. It must be a church that’s alive and able to make a positive difference in each life.

A major part of this foundation is the vision of winning souls and making disciples. Church youth programs help young people become part of this task in a very positive way. Such understanding can begin very early in a child’s life, and can continue as they grow and start to make their own decisions. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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