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Doors Not Closing Right? 4 Problems That Could Lead to

Posted By: Leah Austin

Door problems are nothing to sneeze at. If you’re having door problems in your commercial property, here’s why it’s important to look for a company that can help you install the right device to properly close those doors.

Security issues

Safety and security are paramount in any facility. However, if your doors aren’t closing right, that could be a potential security hazard. Criminal elements could easily find a way inside. Unauthorized personnel could walk in as well.

Temperature problems

Doors that aren’t closing right might also be a source of air leaks. Since facilities benefit tremendously from consistent temperature levels, those air leaks could be why your team keeps fiddling with the settings and turning them on high, resulting in high energy consumption bills. By having the door fixed, you can effectively lower those charges.


On the other hand, if the door isn’t opening properly or takes too long to do so, that’s another problem you’ll have to deal with. You might need to consider installing a new device to fix the issue and ensure easy access for you and your employees. Shopping for a door closer can be the solution you need.


Hate it when doors bang loudly against the frames? A concealed door closer can also help eliminate that noise. The stoppers keep the door from slamming on the frame so even when people come and go through those doors, you won’t have to worry about sounds disrupting any of the work that’s going on in the facility.

Getting a door closer

A door-closure hardware can be the perfect addition to those doors. Don’t just pick one randomly, though. Determine the application of the hardware. Second, check the performance criteria of your concealed door closer options. Does it come with any additional features? Figure these out, says the Houston Chronicle, before you invest in the hardware for all your doors. NHN Tyro India provides a variety of door opening solutions and a large selection of products. You can also like their Facebook page for more information.

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