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Explore Your Vision Options at a Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in Green Bay, WI

Posted By: Leah Austin

Vision problems are common, but modern procedures make correcting many of those issues relatively simple. A Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in Green Bay WI will work with individual patients to evaluate their needs and explore the options to improve their vision. While LASIK continues to be a great option for many people with specific vision issues, there are other alternatives available to meet patient’s individual requirements.

Is Laser Surgery Used for Cataract Surgery?

Ophthalmologists have been removing cataracts for years using a minimally invasive procedure. In recent years, laser cataract surgery has been touted as an improved strategy for treating cataracts. However, studies indicate laser surgery may not actually provide a better outcome, and the costs of laser surgery tend to be higher than for more traditional procedures. If you’ve got questions about the pros and cons of laser surgery to remove cataracts, the professionals at a Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in Green Bay WI will gladly review the options to ensure you get the best outcome possible.

Does Glaucoma Surgery Really Work?

The key to effectively treating glaucoma is to catch it early before substantial damage occurs. Although it isn’t always easy to detect the disease in its earliest stages, regular exams can help to determine if damage to the optic nerve is occurring. If it appears glaucoma is an issue, the ophthalmologist may suggest a form of laser surgery to resolve the issue. Of course, other treatments will generally be tried first, as any form of surgery should be the last option. The diagnosis will determine the extent of damage and suggest a treatment path.

Anyone With Diabetes Needs Routine Exams

Because diabetic retinopathy is a risk anyone having diagnosed with diabetes faces, routine exams are vitally important. If diabetic retinopathy is noted, immediate treatment is necessary to minimize the potential for any additional damage to a patient’s vision. Laser surgery options can’t correct any damage that’s already occurred but can effectively prevent additional damage from occurring.

Protect Your Vision

If you’ve noticed any vision changes, it’s important to schedule a visit with an ophthalmologist for a complete evaluation. Visit our clinic now to schedule an exam or have any vision-related questions answered.

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