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Facts About Monument Sand Blasting in New Haven

Posted By: Leah Austin

One of the easiest ways to place unique designs on headstones is to use a method called sandblasting. While the basic concept of sandblasting has been around for many years, when paired with modern technology, it has become the preferred method in the industry of cemetery monument design. Here is a brief breakdown of how Sand Blasting in New Haven is performed.

Step One

The initial design is done with help from CAD software program by a graphic designer or someone who has experience using the program.

Step Two

A stencil is cut using the design made within the CAD program. The desired lettering or basic design will actually be cut into rubber which will later be placed on the headstone material.

Step Three

The design and/or lettering is cut out of the rubber stencil sheet using a standard Exacto knife. The edges are carefully lifted to avoid any damage to the design.

Step Four

Once the stencil is fully prepped, the headstone is laid flat, and a thin layer of stencil filler is applied to the front surface that will undergo Sand Blasting in New Haven.

Step Five

The rubber stencil is placed on the surface of the headstone very carefully. The stencil filler acts as glue to hold it in place.

Step Six

The headstone is then slid into a specially-designed cabinet to undergo the process of sandblasting. The cabinet helps to protect not only the headstone from outside damage but also protects the user from becoming harmed from the high-pressure sand.

Step Seven

The sandblasting machine is turned on, and the process begins. Pressurized air filled with abrasive sand is forced through a sandblasting “gun” and used to trace along the stencils. The forced air also adds depth to the lettering and design, which gives the artwork a sophisticated look.

If one is interested in having a beautifully-designed headstone, contact us to get more information. A qualified design technician will help the interested party come up with a design that everyone in the family will be pleased with. A truly memorable monument is in the family’s future.

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