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FAQs About Homeowner’s Insurance That An Insurance Agency In Murrieta, CA Can Answer

Posted By: Leah Austin

In California, property owners purchase homeowner’s insurance policies to prevent a financial loss if the property is damaged. They must also acquire these policies as a term of their mortgage contract. An Insurance Agency in Murrieta CA provides further insight into the benefits that are provided through these policies.

Can Homeowners Increase Temporary Housing Funds?

Yes, homeowners are allowed to increase their temporary housing funds available through their homeowner’s insurance policy. However, they cannot increase these funds when the funds are accessed. The policyholder can choose their preferred value for these funds; however, this value may affect the premiums they pay each month.

Are There Any Coverage Limits for College Students?

Yes, the college student cannot obtain coverage unless they lived inside the property owner’s home prior to moving into student housing. The policies won’t cover the property in which the student lives in the dorms; however, they do cover items that the student brings to these housing options. All their clothing, electronics, and other belongings that are added to the policy are covered and replaced if they are damaged, stolen, or lost.

When Does Homeowner’s Insurance Fail to Provide Enough Coverage?

The homeowner’s insurance policy won’t provide enough coverage for any property that is situated inside a designated flood zone. This factor determines that the property owner is required by the mortgage contract to purchase an additional flood insurance policy to cover the property. The homeowner’s insurance policy won’t cover flooding if the property owner faces a higher than average risk of these events.

Is There Any Additional Coverage

Aside from the obvious coverage for structural damage, the policy provides coverage for any groceries that the homeowner lost due to a power outage. The coverage provides a replacement for the groceries based on how long the power outage lasted.

In California, property owners obtain homeowner’s insurance to protect their financial investment. The policies provide coverage for natural disasters, fires, criminal acts, and other extreme weather conditions that could cause extensive property damage. Property owners who need to acquire homeowner’s insurance policy contact an Insurance Agency in Murrieta CA or Visit the Website for a free quote now.

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