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Improvements in Plumbing in Poulsbo Wa for Outdoor and Garden Shed Use

Posted By: Leah Austin

A family buys an older house on a large lot and knows they’ll need to upgrade the outdoor Plumbing in Poulsbo Wa. There’s only one spigot and it’s on the north side of the house, which doesn’t get a lot of sun. They want to have a huge vegetable garden on the south side and elaborate flower gardens in a few different places. It will be more convenient to water all the plants regularly without dragging a long hose from the other side of the building.

Additional Exterior Spigots

Having two more faucets installed on the outside of the building is usually a relatively easy project for Plumbing in Poulsbo Wa unless there are no interior plumbing pipes nearby for the plumber to tap into. The plumbing from inside is extended to the place where the property owners want outdoor water access.

Garden Shed Plumbing

If there is a garden shed on the land, they may also want to have a sink and running water installed there. Normally the water can drain directly outside from the building, but the property owners must check with the municipality to make sure this is allowed or whether it would have to be sent to the sewer system. If the homeowners live outside of town and have a septic tank, this is usually not an issue.

Small Greenhouse Watering

Many people like to use the shed for starter plants and may even add a small greenhouse alongside. A plumber from a company such as Express Service Plumbing can run pipes from the sink to these other areas so small spigots can be installed for more direct watering. Otherwise, hoses and watering cans must be used, which can become tiring if there are a large number of plants that need attending to.

Drip Irrigation

Eventually, the gardeners might like to have a drip irrigation system installed for this greenhouse. Drip irrigation with plastic pipes can be installed outside too, for the most efficient and effective watering system. People who provide much of their own fruit and vegetables and want plenty to give away appreciate this type of setup for its convenience.

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