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Keeping People Safe with Crowd Control Barriers

Posted By: Leah Austin

At any big event, whether it a concert, community event, or social event, safety is a primary concern. One of the best ways to help regulate where people go and to keep people safe in large crowd situations is crowd control barriers.  Here are some of the most common types you will see:

Chain-Link Fencing:
This type of fencing is a portable version of the basic fencing used to fence in home property. This alternative is really popular and is light weight and easy to erect to make paths, block off areas, and control where people can go.

Free-standing Panels:
These panels are made to look like chain-link fence and are designed to be portable. This allows them to be brought into areas and fixed to the nearest support. This crowd control method commonly is used by police and social groups to add protection.

Privacy Screen Panels:
These panels are designed to offer a barrier that is at least 60-80% opaque for privacy. These barriers are widely used among celebrities, performers, and noteworthy people to give them a way to escape the paparazzi and crowds that follow them around.

Event Fences:
These crowd control barricades are special fences designed for large crowd events like concerts and sports events. They are heavy yet portable and are made to make it very hard for people to climb over and access restricted areas.

Here at Gallagher Staging we know what it takes to put on a good event that is safe and enjoyable for everyone. These various barriers and fences help control the flow of the crowd and makes it easier to set off spaces and block off access to restricted areas during any event. For more information and to see even more barrier and crowd control options that we have available, call us today!

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