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Know Your Needs Before Choosing Industrial Automation Controls

Posted By: timothyharvard

When a company is installing automation on their production and product lines or if they are upgrading from manual or semi-automatic systems to full automation, choosing the right industrial automation controls is an important step.

Many companies make poor choices in selecting automation controls, often for reasons that are as simple as failing to understand the specific requirements and needs of the system and selecting the right control options. Instead, many times the opposite is done where the industrial automation controls are selected without considering if they are a good match for the system.

To help avoid these issues when making a choice, it is essential to work with a top industrial automation company. This will provide your team with the pros and cons of each possible control option and how it will work with the existing system.

Environmental Factors

One of the big issues to consider when selecting industrial control for automation of a system is the environment. Working environments can include high humidity, excessive dust, constantly vibration and issues with electronic noise, EMI (electromagnetic interference) or RF (radio frequency) interference all need to be considered.

Issues such as extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, or rapid temperature changes will be a consider. Additionally, contamination concerns or the requirement for full washdown protocols also need to be factored in when choosing a controller. Often in these extreme types of environments PLC or programmable logic controllers are the go-to option.

Scalability and Expansion

Any business that is moving into industrial automation controls is an industry or business that sees growth potential. For this reason, choosing controllers that will build in flexibility and the potential for future growth is always an important factor.

Choosing systems that allow the system to grow without the need to change out the automation controls is a cost, time and efficiency factor. Talking to the industrial automation company about these needs is important before choosing the best controller match.

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