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Researching Medical Schools In The USA

Posted By: Leah Austin

For any student living outside of the United States, taking the time to learn as much as possible about the different medical schools in America will be important. Medical schools in the USA, just like schools in different countries, are often known for specialized departments or areas of study.

There are some very easy ways to find out about different medical schools in the USA. The internet can provide a wealth of information about the specific schools, programs of study as well as areas of recognition for the school.

Read the School Website

Each school in the USA that offers a medical degree, which will be designed as an MD in the USA and not an MBBS as in other countries, will provide information on the program of study through the website. There will be information on the required classes, the structuring of the programs and what prerequisite courses will be required before an application can be submitted.

It can be challenging to understand how pre-med courses from another country will translate into the specific requirements of medical schools in the USA. Working with a service offering medical education consultants familiar with your course equivalencies to the American requirements will be essential.

Understand the Application Process

Once the student narrowed down the schools of interest in the United States, it will be important to become familiar with the application process. Medical schools will require full transcripts of all academic courses completed to date as well as other documentation.

Students will also need to prepare for a personal interview. For international students, this may be completed through phone, video conferences or other means as approved by the University. Many international students choose to the school to complete the interview, which can provide additional benefits. Browse site for more information.

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