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The Advantages Of Choosing A Periodontist In Chicago

Posted By: Leah Austin

Many people avoid the dentist like the plague, but when you have gum disease, a general dentist may not be the best option. A periodontist in Chicago has three more years of training and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease. They are also trained well on how to place dental implants, so if you’ve lost a tooth or multiple teeth to your gum disease or something else, they can restore your smile, as well.

Why See One

Periodontists focus on treating periodontal disease. You may have gum disease right now and not even know it, as most of the symptoms don’t show until advanced stages. Bleeding gums or while brushing is usually the first sign, but many people in Chicago don’t even see it in the sink. You may also experience sensitivity to cold or hot foods/beverages, but again, many people are already sensitive to such things.

If you have been told by your general dentist that you are at risk for gum disease based on your medical history or other factors, it may be time to get an appointment with a periodontist.


Periodontists have specialty equipment and tools to diagnose your gum disease and determine how advanced it is. They can also use unique cleaning methods called planing and scaling to remove bacteria from below the gum-line. They may also use antibiotics to help kill the bacteria so that your gums can start healing and the effects of the gum disease can be reversed. In many cases, it can be reversed as long as you haven’t started losing teeth yet.

A periodontist in Chicago can help you determine if you have gum disease and offer treatment options to reverse the damage. Visit South Loop Dental Specialists at to learn more about your situation or to book an appointment.

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