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The Importance of a Pet Dentist in Menifee, CA

Posted By: Leah Austin

It may surprise you to learn that cats and dogs are capable of developing the same tooth and gum issues just like humans, including everything from simple halitosis to extreme infection of the gums. It is imperative that you contact a pet dentist at least once a year to ensure the teeth, gums, and other components of your pet’s mouth are in good condition and treated using a number of dental methods. It is difficult for an animal to indicate to his or her owners that they are experiencing tooth pain, but look for signs of trouble in the way they eat their foods or if their gums begin to darken in color over time.

Avoid Cavities

A pet dentist in Menifee, CA will help you to dramatically reduce the risk of cavities in your pet’s teeth over time, especially if you continue to have your pet brought in for a cleaning and examination twice a year. It may help you to remember this need if you book your pet’s visit to a facility such as the All Creatures Animal Hospital when you call to book your own dental services each year. This way, you not only keep the teeth and gum health of your pet at a high level, but also your own so you can may both continue with your daily lives in comfort.

Reduce Risk of Disease

Periodontal disease is a serious problem which will cause your teeth to eventually fall out, your gums to swell and recede, and your breath to become unpleasant even after brushing. This is also called gum disease, and it is a serious problem experienced by pets as much as humans, making regular pet dentist services necessary and beneficial on so many levels. By the time your pets reach the end of their lifespan, this service will ensure they do so with their natural teeth intact.

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