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The Latest Trends In Wedding Rings In Colorado Springs

Posted By: Leah Austin

Getting married is a special time and commemorates the love shared between two individuals who are making a lifetime commitment to one another. Many elements are critical to ensuring a wedding is a beautiful event, but few are as important as the ring used during the ceremony.

The problem is that finding the perfect wedding rings in Colorado Springs can be complicated given the vast range of styles, designs, and price points available. Here is a quick look at the three most popular trends and how they can make a bride feel like a princess on her wedding day.

Vintage Appeal

Antique jewelry provides a stunning visual display but often comes at an extremely high price. Jewelry makers are solving this problem by creating new pieces that mimic vintage designs and offer old-world charm with a more affordable price tag. Most designers are very creative and incorporate colored diamonds and even old stones to create a one-of-a-kind piece that exudes luxury.

Diamond Cluster

A large diamond can cause the price of a ring to skyrocket, but to combat this, many jewelers are using designs that incorporate a cluster of smaller stones. This provides an elegant design that dances in the light while remaining budget friendly. The use of diamond chips can also help to add more sparkle and give any ring a timeless appearance that will be treasured for many years to come.

Princess Cut Diamonds

Diamonds cut in a rectangular pattern are referred to as princess cut stones and are popular due to their ability to provide a stunning visual display when worn. Also, cutting a diamond in this manner leads to less waste, which helps to increase to overall carat weight of the stone and decrease the cost. Choosing wedding rings in Colorado Springs with square cut diamonds will ensure a bride has a ring that she will be proud to wear.

Don’t make purchasing the perfect wedding ring more complicated than necessary. The team at Tri Gem Jewelers offers a complete array of custom jewelry design services and can make it simple to find a unique ring that is budget friendly. Visit us online today and make finding the perfect wedding ring affordable and straightforward.

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