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The Options Available For An ABB Flow Meter

Posted By: timothyharvard

In any industry, there are brands and suppliers that become known as the gold standard for their products. While there are several outstanding producers of flow management products, ABB flow meters are considered to be some of the best.

These are meters that are designed for specific industries and applications. The company produces ABB flow meters for use in very harsh environments as well as in the monitoring and measurement of specific types of liquids, slurries and even for steam and gas applications.

With multiple meters in every category, a general overview of each category of ABB flow meters can be helpful to narrow down the possible selection.


Used for moderate temperatures and with conductive, pulsating, viscous and corrosive fluids, this is an ideal meter for many hygienic applications as well as general use.


A powerful meter with applications for use with fluid, gas, and steam of up to 400 degrees Celsius, these are highly versatile meters. They can also be used with conductive and non-conductive fluids as well as dry, wet and corrosive gases.


The Coriolis Mass meters are used for fluids only but can be used with the full range including some conditions where there are solid particles in the liquid and with corrosive materials.

Thermal Mass

These meters are specifically designed for use with gases. They can handle wet, dry, corrosive and even contaminated under some conditions.

Variable Area

These are meters that have a wide range of applications including fluids, gasses, and steam. They also offer a good medium temperature range and are suitable for ambient temperatures of -25 to 60 degrees Celsius.

Primary Flow Differential Pressure

Perhaps the most versatile of all of the ABB meters, this meter can operate with medium temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Celsius and with all types of liquids, gases, and steam except in systems with pulsating fluids.

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