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Three Areas That Should Be Painted By A Professional During Home Remodeling In Tacoma WA

Posted By: Leah Austin

It may seem like the easiest step, but painting during Remodeling in Tacoma WA can be one of the most labor intensive parts of the job. Rather than wasting time attempting to paint complicated areas on their own, many homeowners are choosing to hire a professional who has the tools and knowledge needed to do it safely and quickly. The following are three areas that should only be painted by a professional, which will ensure even coverage and a final result that is beautiful and free of flaws.

Eaves and Fascia Boards

The exterior home has to withstand lots of abuse and paint acts as the first line of defense against the wrath of mother nature. Two areas that are most susceptible to damage are the eaves and fascia boards of a home, and repainting them isn’t easy as they are commonly located in an area that is high off the ground. A professional will have the ladders needed to reach the areas and can use spray devices to ensure even coverage.

High Ceilings

High ceilings create an impressive appearance inside a home but can be one of the most challenging areas to paint. Add in exposed beams, and the job becomes even more difficult and requires the use of edging tools and tape to ensure a beautiful finish. Work of this nature will be simple for a professional painter, as they will have the specialized tools needed to ensure an even coat of paint and a ceiling that is brilliant white.


One of the most dreaded projects during Remodeling in Tacoma WA is the painting of stairwells. A standard ladder will not provide adequate access to the stairwell, which can make it complicated to paint walls that are at the top of the area. A painter will have scaffolding that they can assemble to provide them with a sturdy surface that is high enough to reach even the tallest of walls.

Painting can be a time-consuming project, which is why many homeowners now opt to hire a professional to help. Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc. offers interior and exterior painting services at affordable prices and can help restore the beauty of any home. Contact them today to learn more and schedule a free, no obligation quote.

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