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Towable Yard Boat Trailers for Sale – Shopping Tips

Posted By: Leah Austin

If you run a marina or boat service, you may need several trailers for hauling vessels. In fact, when you need a good yard trailer you may want a towable unit that has some convenient hydraulic features. Here are some good things to know about when you shop yard boat trailers for sale.

Check Capacities

Make sure you buy a trailer that can handle the weight of your vessels. For example, some can haul as much as 40,000 pounds and 44-foot-long vessels. Yet, if your yard handles a lot of larger vessels, you may need to get something with more carry capacity. Some of the largest yard boat trailers for sale can haul a one-hundred-ton vessel as long as one hundred feet in length. If you’re not sure what you need, consider a trailer with the most capacity you can afford.

Boat Types

Do you take in both power and sailboats? If so, consider a trailer that can handle both. For example, some trailers are made to haul power boats and shoal draft sailboats. Yet, if you sometimes need to haul deep draft sailboats, make sure your new trailer has the capacity.

Where to Shop

If you are interested in a quality made trailer for your yard, consider doing business directly with the manufacturer. These companies specialize in one thing, trailers and boat equipment. You’ll find the greatest selection of yard boat trailers for sale when you shop at a boat trailer manufacturer. In fact, they offer many options for their trailers so you can customize your equipment to fit your business needs. You’ll also get the best prices because there is no middleman company marking up prices.

New or Used

The top trailer manufacturers often have previously owned units for sale. This can save you thousands of dollars over new boat trailers.

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