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Who Needs Hurricane Panels in Hollywood, FL?

Posted By: Leah Austin

If you live somewhere with hurricanes and/or tornadoes, you likely need hurricane panels for your windows. A hurricane or tornado is dangerous because of the strong winds that come with them. It’s not the winds themselves that pose the biggest risk to your window, though. The strong winds will carry different types of debris with them, which will turn everyday items into projectiles that can break your windows. Therefore, you should put up panels in times of hurricanes or strong storms to protect your windows.

Where to Buy Them

You should choose a window manufacturer for your hurricane panels in Hollywood, FL. If you choose someone who makes windows, they will have a much better understanding of what is needed to keep a window safe. Window manufacturers obviously don’t want their windows to be shattered by flying debris. Therefore, they’ll produce the best possible panels to protect the items they have installed.

You can contact us to determine what type of panels would be right for you. In some cases, panels are not as useful as shutters.


The choice of hurricane panels or shutters is sometimes difficult. Panels are the most effective way to protect your home from damage during a storm. However, storm shutters are much faster. Typically, you have to attach the panels to your house from the outside. If a storm seems to be rising quickly, you might not have time to cover all of your windows. Shutters would allow you to quickly protect your windows. However, panels are a much more sustainable solution. They cannot be removed easily from the outside, nor will they easily fly open in the case of very strong storms.

The choice between panels or shutters is one you should make after talking with a good window manufacturer. They’ll be able to offer you different perspectives on which type of window protection is right for you.

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