2 Major Things You Must Do when Water Damage Restoration Is Inevitable

During a serious storm in Frisco TX, water may damage your roof or destroy the seals on your windows. The result could be serious water damage. Restoration work is often inevitable in many such cases. When the problem arises, you must address two major concerns: Mold and Insurance


In the case of water damage, it is imperative to act as soon as possible. It is not healthy to wait around and see what develops. What develops is mold. It begins to rear its dangerous, toxic little head between 24 and 48 hours. If you want to avoid severe health consequences, let alone further destruction and loss from water damage, restoration work must begin as soon as it is possible to do so.

Do not waste time. Contact a company that can assess the situation quickly and take appropriate action. It works with you to remove the water from the house. It can also inform you about what needs replacement to prevent mold from running rampant throughout the waterlogged portions of your home/business.

Contact Your Insurance Company

As soon as you are aware of the water damage in your home/business, contact your insurance company. This allows your agent to start the process immediately. S/he can talk with you about what steps to take to lay the foundation for your claim. This may include paperwork, professional assessments, and related expertise. Your agent may also suggest a company to work with, although by this time you may have already chosen one.

Water Damage Restoration

A storm compounded by a leaky roof can result in severe water damage to your home or business. To prevent the issue from becoming a serious health problem for your family or customers, it is important to act fast. Have someone assess the situation and call your insurance agent. The agent may actually suggest a reliable and reputable water damage restoration specialist serving Frisco TX, making the situation less stressful.

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