3 Benefits of Installing Stairlifts in Pittsburgh, PA Homes

Stairs are very popular features in Pittsburgh homes. They can separate living areas and often add architectural interest. However, many aging homeowners find that stairs become liabilities. Seniors may have trouble climbing steep stairways or worry about losing their balance on them. Even younger residents may have trouble with stairs due to disabilities. Fortunately, installing Stairlifts in Pittsburgh PA homes often solves these problems and allows owners to remain in the homes. Companies like McArdle Surgical offer a variety of models and will install them.

Lifts Can Restore Independence

When homeowners develop physical problems that interfere with their ability to climb stairs, they often find themselves confined to a few rooms in their homes. Many rely on others in the home to fetch items from upper floors and may even need assistance getting to their bedrooms or bathrooms. It is a common problem with homeowners who have degenerative diseases as well as seniors who have lost some mobility. Installing Stairlifts in Pittsburgh PA homes allows owners to once again navigate their homes freely.

Residents Climb Stairs in Comfort

Stairlifts are not only convenient, they are comfortable. With padded seats and secure armrests, the stairlifts turn a painful experience into a pleasant trip. In fact, many older homeowners who are physically healthy install stairlifts to make housekeeping easier and less taxing. Using a lift is also safer than climbing. Anyone can develop balance problems, and seniors are especially vulnerable to falling while using stairs. Those who live alone often install stairlifts as safety measures.

Seniors Are Able to Age in Place

Savvy seniors who want to age in place often add stairlifts to their homes. Many forward-looking homeowners are determined to avoid moving to senior communities or nursing homes when they are older, so they alter the homes they love. Stairlifts are often part of changes that include walk-in baths, bathroom rails, and wheelchair-accessible entrances. Family members who are worried about independent senior relatives often have stairlifts installed to prevent accidents.

Professionally installed stairlifts can help mobility-challenged homeowners maintain their independence. The devices also make navigating stairs comfortable and allow many seniors to age in place. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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