3 Benefits Provided by Epoxy Floor Coating in Seattle, Wa

Today it is common to find epoxy flooring in homes and commercial buildings that once would have included tile or polished concrete surfaces. Epoxy Floor Coating in Seattle Wa is used in garages, manufacturing areas, laboratories, and stylish loft apartments. Building owners choose epoxy because it is simple to maintain and hard to damage. The option also offers customers the chance to choose from a rainbow of colors and create custom patterns.

Epoxy Coatings Are Strong and Durable

Epoxy Floor Coating in Seattle Wa is popular among homeowners who want especially long-lasting surfaces. The choice is also a favorite of industrial customers, car dealerships, and garage owners. Once epoxy installation is complete, surfaces become ultra-tough polymers. Coatings resist chemical breakdowns, staining, dings, abrasion and cracking. Heavy foot or vehicle traffic does not affect or wear them down. Floors also withstand fire and extreme impacts. They are very durable and last for decades.

Technicians Will Customize Epoxy Floors

Coating suppliers and installers offer a huge variety of epoxy flooring options. Materials are available in many colors. During application, installers will create any effects that customers request. Finished projects may consist of huge, bright expanses of single color coatings that add light and style to homes and commercial areas. Customers often have technicians add decorative touches or create unique patterns. The sleek, eye-catching results have become popular among apartment owners who enjoy an industrial chic look that borrows from older manufacturing plants. In fact, many homes with epoxy flooring are actually lofts located in converted factories.

Coatings Result in Low Maintenance Flooring

Both commercial and residential customers appreciate epoxy coatings’ low maintenance qualities. Unlike most flooring materials, epoxy does not have to be stripped, waxed, or steam cleaned. Simple cleaning restores its beauty. Coatings are non-porous and antimicrobial, making them ideal for areas that need to be kept sanitary with the least amount of effort. It is not necessary to upgrade coatings on a regular basis since surfaces remain bright and beautiful for many decades.

Epoxy coatings have become popular among residential and commercial customers who want sleek, stylish flooring. The coatings are also practical since they are hard to damage and last for years with minimal upkeep.

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