3 Components of SEO for Real Estate Professionals

Given the current trend toward all things digital, technology and internet, it should be no surprise to real estate professionals that developing an online marketing strategy is a must. Search engine optimization, for example, has become the starting point of an online marketing plan, and if you need help, Residential Real Estate Seo Kansas City services are at your disposal.

Here are three components that make up SEO for real estate professionals.


While SEO is the driving force of an online marketing plan, a real estate professional requires a website, first. The website should be informational, interactive and an extension of your brand. Today, as websites are designed or re-vamped, they are automatically optimized for the search engines. SEO used to be an add-on service, but since the search engines penalize websites that do not use their best practices, SEO has become a standard.

Online Listings

To help the search engine rank of your digital assets, your company’s information will be submitted to the various online listings. From Yelp to specific listings for real estate professionals locally and nationally, this helps your credibility. It also boosts your online discoverability. Studies show that at least 80% of users conduct a search before making a purchase or paying for a service, so it is in your favor to appear in relevant searches.


Over the years, the search engines realized that some users were gaming the results to their favor. To combat this reality, the search engines regularly makes changes to their ranking algorithms. Relevant content has become an important factor for SEO. The search engines simply want to match your service to users who are actually trying to find you based on keywords and information.

Real Estate Seo Experts in Kansas City professionals are ready to provide their services and advice.

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