3 Essentials to Look for in a Motability Supplier in Ireland

If you qualify to benefit from the Motability Scheme, you have a chance to lease a wheelchair, a scooter, or even a car to help you get more out of life. Being independent is one of the most important achievements we can attain. Having access to such mobility products makes a huge difference in the lives of many.

It does not matter whether you need a manual wheelchair, a motorised one, or a scooter. The following pointers should always be borne in mind when you are looking for a mobility supplier in Ireland.


There is a good chance you have limited knowledge of the many features wheelchairs and scooters have. It is difficult to choose the correct chair or scooter if you do not know about the many features they can come with. A knowledgeable advisor can ensure you have all the answers you need before you decide.

A Good Range of Wheelchairs and Scooters

The bigger the range is, the more likely it is you can select the right item. It is worth taking time over this decision and making sure you have considered all the things you need in a chair or scooter. The more you can choose from, the more likely it is the ideal selection is at your chosen Motability supplier in Ireland.

Support Both Before and After the Lease is Agreed

This is the most important element of all. Good after sales support is invaluable should you run into any issues. Leasing the right wheelchair or scooter via the Motability Scheme still requires you to get access to support services. If your scooter or chair develops a problem, you want to be sure you can resolve it quickly. The good news is this rarely happens, yet the service provides peace of mind.

Finding a reliable mobility supplier in Ireland is easier than you think. Visit Electric Mobility now to find out how they can assist you.

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