3 Factors That Require Hiring A St. Paul Workers Compensation Attorney

Many injured employees can file workers compensation claims on their own, and they do not need the help of a specialized workers compensation attorney. As a general guideline, if the St. Paul employer has a history of paying claims on time and offering a fair settlement, and if the injury is no significant or debilitating, it is possible to file without legal assistance.

Even in these situations, having a workers’ comp lawyer review the documents and let you know of any potential challenges with your case is still recommended. These attorneys offer a free consultation, so this can be done at no cost. If an attorney is required, you have a professional there to ensure mistakes are not made that can delay settlement of the claim.

Regardless of how minor or temporary the injury or illness may be, there are three times when it is essential to work with a worker’s compensation attorney. These attorneys do not charge any fees or cost up front, so St. Paul employees do not have to worry about payments until after their claim is settled.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Workers who are filing claims need to let the workers’ compensation attorney if they have pre-existing conditions to the injured area of the body. It is a good idea to discuss health issues with the attorney, as the employer may attempt to link a range of other health issues to the current claim, thus creating grounds for denial or limited settlement.

3rd Party Actions

In some types of injuries, employees are hurt on the job by a third party that contributed or was the cause of the injury. These types of cases can be complicated, and an attorney should be involved to ensure the required documentation and information is provided for the claim.

Employer Misconduct

Employer retaliation for a claim, misconduct or negligence on the part of the employer that lead to the injury or illness, or if your employer does not have workers’ comp are always cases that should be handled by a worker’s compensation legal professional.

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