3 Options for Auto Parts in Phoenix

When the time comes to repair a vehicle, customers actually have a couple of options to choose from. While the cost of labor tends to be consistent, it is possible to save money on the Auto Parts in Phoenix. There are three main types of parts that customers can choose from. They have different price ranges and different benefits.

New Manufacturer Parts

New parts directly from the manufacturer tend to come with the highest price tag. They cost more because of the brand and most of the time, these parts work perfectly in the vehicle. The parts are made of quality materials and usually come with some type of warranty issued by the manufacturer. When it comes to warranty work, service departments usually default to new manufacturer parts.

New Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts still fit the vehicle and in many cases, work just as well as the manufacturer-created parts. Unfortunately, unlike the manufacturer parts, there is no guarantee that a part will fit perfectly or even work well with the other parts. The lower price tag can make these parts an appealing option for customers looking to save some money, however, it is important to talk to a technician to find out if this is the best option. Aftermarket companies may or may not offer a warranty on their parts.

Used Parts

Most of the time used auto parts in Phoenix are the least expensive option. They can be found in a variety of different locations and, in some cases, can be delivered to a shop before newer parts will arrive. On the positive side, the cost is appealing and they can be manufacturer parts that were only slightly used. On the downside, there is no guarantee that a part will continue to work for an extended amount of time. Some may come with a limited warranty, but there are no real guarantees when it comes to this type of part.

So how can a customer know which type of part will work best for his or her vehicle? When working with Alma Imports, customers can ask about their specific make and model to get a better idea of which type of part will be the best choice for the situation. Many times it is a decision that is just based on a customer’s preference.

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