3 Reasons for Varying Estimates From an Auto Body Shop in Lakeview

When a person is involved in an auto accident, the first part of the repair process entails getting an estimate for repairs from an Auto Body Shop in Lakeview. If the insurer is involved, the company will ask an adjuster to write the estimate; drivers can also get estimates from local body shops. Because there’s generally an accepted way to repair paint and body damage, one may expect uniformity in pricing. However, costs can vary for the following reasons.

Different Part Types are Used in Repair Estimates

Part variations typically cause the biggest differences in estimated pricing. The use of recycled, aftermarket or OEM parts can have a significant effect on repair costs. Insurers may prefer to use a different part than a driver would want to use, and a body shop may use different parts to form the basis of an estimate. Drivers should understand the costs and benefits of various parts before they authorize repairs.

Different Estimate Systems

There are three main brands of repair estimate software: Audatex, Mitchell, and CCC. While each brand uses similar data, the systems have slight differences that can lead to variations in final estimate pricing. However, the differences are relatively small.

Body Shop Thoroughness

Many collision repairs involve visible damage and that which can only be seen once the car is taken apart. An initial estimate usually only includes visible damage, and a supplemental estimate is written for hidden problems. The estimator at an Auto Body Shop in Lakeview might assume a certain extent of hidden damage based on his or her experience, but some shops may intentionally provide a low estimate in order to get business. Once a driver turns the car over to the shop, their control over costs and procedures is drastically reduced. Therefore, it’s important to choose carefully.

Regardless of who offers an estimate, a driver should always understand what’s involved in the repair process. If the estimator is not willing to discuss the estimate and its parts, the customer should pick a shop like Bucaro Brothers Auto Care.

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