3 Reasons Off-Campus Housing in Tempe is More Enjoyable Than Dorm Living

Choosing to stay in off-campus housing near ASU is a popular option for students who have already spent one semester in a dorm. While a dorm is convenient, it’s location on campus doesn’t make up for the lack of privacy and other issues that may affect your stay. Here are a few ways that it’s more enjoyable to choose an off-campus apartment for your living arrangements next semester.

Get Away from the School

It can be enough just to have a home that’s off the campus and away from the school. Even when you’re in your own dorm room, you won’t be able to escape the feeling that you’re still in a school setting. This can prevent you from fully relaxing when you’re not studying. Taking an off-campus apartment provides you with an escape from this situation.

Enjoy Entertaining Amenities

You can look for specific amenities that interest you, but every off-campus apartment community will provide some basic amenities to help you enjoy yourself. For example, it will be common to find swimming pools, fitness centers, and picnic grounds. Look around for the communities that offer the amenities that are most important to you.

Relax at Home

When you’re not studying, it will be important to take the time to relax. That may be difficult in a dorm that’s packed with students. In off-campus housing near ASU, you’ll find that it’s quieter and less disruptive. This leaves you the freedom to meditate, work out, or read your favorite book.

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