3 Reasons the Best Bars in Glendale Are Piano Bars

When you think about visiting one of the best bars in Glendale, what comes to mind first? Is it a dim environment where you and your special someone can enjoy a drink or two while sitting at a corner table? Is it a club where you can dance the night away? Actually, the best bars all share one thing in common – they’re piano bars! Why is that? Here are three reasons we believe piano bars are best suited for your night out on the town.

Live Music Is Best

First, let’s touch on the fact that piano bars offer something that you’re not going to find at your average nightclub or watering hole – live music. Sure, there are venues that book live bands once or twice a week, usually on Friday and Saturday night. However, piano bars offer live music every night, all night. That ensures there is always something going on to entertain you and your friends.

Get in on the Action

With most bars that offer live entertainment, the band gets on stage, plays a set, and then they’re done. There’s not that much in the way of audience participation. However, the best bars in Glendale offer you the chance to get in on the action. Sing along. Request songs. Hit the dance floor while the piano player does their thing. It’s a lot of fun, and it goes on all night.

Dueling Pianos

Finally, we believe that the best bars in Glendale offer not just one piano, but two. It goes beyond being a mere piano lounge. Having dueling pianos means that you’ve got an interactive live show driven by both the performers and the crowd. What would be better than spending the evening listening to two competing piano players, both of whom are talented musicians and singers, as they cater to your tastes and drive the fun?

If you’re looking for the best bars in Glendale, at Low Key Piano Bar, we believe we fit the bill. From dueling pianos every night of the week to our significant selection of drink specials to our energetic environment, you’re guaranteed to have a great time with us. Celebrating something special? Not only can you come hang out with us, but you can actually reserve a table, or even rent space for a private party. If you’re ready to get your fun on, we’re your destination of choice!

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