3 Reasons To Choose LED Lights For Your Garden

Making your home and backyard look great throughout the day as well as the evening provides you and your family with additional space to get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather. LED lights for a garden offer a perfect choice as they have several features and benefits that allow for a long life cycle and very minimal maintenance after they are installed.

Energy Efficiency

A primary reason most landscape lighting professionals recommend LED lights for a garden is their energy efficiency. These lights use a small fraction of what traditional types of lighting options use, and they also offer a much longer life cycle per bulb. In most cases, these types of LED lights approved for outdoor use last up to 50,000 hours, which would be 11 years if they were left on for 12 hours every day.

Designed To Be Waterproof

All UL rated LED lights for a garden are designed to be used outdoors. This means the fixtures themselves are waterproof under most conditions, and there are even those specialized types of bulbs and fixtures that can be completely submerged. The submersible types of lights are perfect for backyard ponds, waterfalls or other types of water features in the landscaping.

Right Lighting Level

Different options in LED lights provide for a greater or lesser light level. This is important based on the type of light. For example, walkway lights are designed to cast a soft, diffuse light that creates the look of circles of moonlight along a walkway.

Uplights or downlights, which are flood or mini floodlights, are much brighter, providing the bright lights needed to accent a specific feature in the yard and draw the eye. Other types of lights, including fence and wall lights, lights for use around docks or lighting for pool decks and outdoor living spaces can range from bright to soft lighting, ideal to create any look and ambiance desired.

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