3 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for Your Veterans Disability Claim in Maine

If you’re a veteran in need of disability benefits, you may be tempted to handle the process on your own. After all, it’s just paperwork and interviews with doctors, right?

A Lawyer Will Help You Prepare and Submit All the Necessary Documents Quickly and Efficiently

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a lawyer for veterans’ disability is that they will help you prepare and submit all the necessary documents quickly and efficiently. If given enough time, it’s possible for your lawyer to put together an application that would have taken you hundreds of hours to complete on your own!

Legal Counsel Is Essential if You’re Denied Due to Missing Records, Lack of Evidence, or Other Reasons

Another reason to hire a lawyer is that if you’re denied due to missing records, lack of evidence or other reasons your legal counsel can help you file an appeal. Appeals can be stressful and complicated, but a lawyer can handle the appeal process for you. They know how to present your case to the appeals board and get you a favorable decision.

Your Lawyer Will Help Ensure That the VA Cannot Deny Your Claim Based on an Error in Their Own System

Lastly, another reason to hire a lawyer is that they will help ensure the VA cannot deny your claim based on an error in their own system. If you make a mistake on your paperwork or fail to include all of the necessary medical records for example, then it’s possible that this could be grounds for denial by the VA. A disability lawyer will help you keep your VA claim error-free and avoid unnecessary delays.

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