3 Reasons You Might Consider Working with a Divorce Appeal Attorney

Divorce Appeal Attorney

Many divorcing couples have no issues working through their divorce settlements and moving forward as a divorced family. Others struggle and the emotional issues of divorce get in the way of achieving a fair and equitable settlement.

If you believe your divorce settlement is unfair to you and/or your children, working with a divorce appeal attorney can help. As is the case with most legal arrangements, you have a right to appeal decisions regarding your divorce settlement.

Here are three reasons to consider working with a divorce appeal attorney.

1. Parental Rights Were Denied

Nearly all parents have a right to spend time with their children. Even in extreme situations, the court usually grants supervised visitation. If you believe you’ve been denied access to your children unfairly or your divorce settlement does not provide a healthy amount of time with both parents for your children, a divorce appeal attorney might be able to help you negotiate a better arrangement for your family.

2. Alimony Payments are Unreasonable

Alimony isn’t as common as it once was in divorces in America, but it’s still an important part of many divorce settlements. For many families, spousal support alimony payments are temporary. If you believe you were treated unfairly or you’re being asked to pay an exorbitant amount in alimony, you should speak to an attorney.

3. Division of Property Didn’t Go as Planned

Property division in a divorce is often one of the most hotly contested issues. In addition to the financial value of property, there are so many other factors at play. Many divorcing couples rely on property experts to help them come to an equitable division. If you believe that the property owned by you and your spouse was not divided in the way it should have been, you should contact an attorney.

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