3 Repairs You Should Make Before Waterproofing Your Foundation

Waterproofing concrete surfaces can extend their life and help you avoid costly structural damage down the road. But, did you know that there are several repairs you should make before applying concrete waterproofing products? Here are three tasks that you must do before waterproofing to ensure water stays out.

Repair and Fill Any Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks indicate settling of a structure. There are several types of products available to repair and seal foundation cracks. Many of these use a two-part epoxy that is injected into holes. Some use carbon fiber staple, ties, or panels to increase the integrity of existing walls.

Large cracks can be a serious sign of trouble so, if you have any doubts, contact a professional to help you understand what caused the crack and what action you should take.

Seal Concrete Seams

Make sure that seams between portions of the foundation or slab floor are all sealed. These can create an easy entry point for water and a weak point in any waterproofing system. Make sure you use a sealer designed specifically for concrete. There are various concrete waterproofing products that can be sprayed or troweled on depending on which one you choose.

Remove and Patch Concrete Ties

Concrete ties are used during pouring of foundation walls. The small metal tabs must be removed on both sides of a wall before waterproofing can be applied. They go through the entire wall and can be a major source of seepage if left unsealed. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Simply break the ties off flush with the concrete and apply a sealer over the area.

Now You’re Ready to Waterproof

Once you have patched cracks, sealed seams and removed all concrete ties, you are ready to start waterproofing the walls. Make sure you select concrete waterproofing products that are designed to work in your climate for the best results.

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