3 SculpSure Facts

Losing weight is difficult enough on its own. If you have lost weight but do not see a better form on your body, that can be frustrating, too. Sometimes, getting rid of the final five to 10 pounds can be deflating. Technology has made inroads in the cosmetic industry and has brought about greater use of lasers. SculpSure Chicago, for example, aims to countour the body through the use of lasers.

Here are three SculpSure facts to consider.

What is the Goal of SculpSure?

The SculpSure procedure aims to contour the patient’s body, as desired. Body contouring is also known as body sculpting. The procedure uses a wide range of aesthetic treatments, and most recently, those treatments have included the use of lasers. If you would like a smaller waist to create the illusion of wider hips, it is possible to achieve. If you are aiming to have a flatter stomach and the illusion of a fuller bottom, medical professionals can help you achieve that feat.

How is SculpSure Administered?

SculpSure is administered through the use of lasers. The laser is set up to target and destroy fat cells. The lasers do not negatively impact the skin’s surface. There is no recovery time necessary after the procedure is administered. The procedure takes about 25 minutes to complete. To achieve the best results, you may require more than one session. Lasers are used to stop the growth of hair, for example. To successfully achieve that goal, six sessions are recommended.

Who Qualifies for SculpSure?

Before your medical professional administers the SculpSure, she will assess your concerns, goals and current situation. The goal is to ensure this is the best treatment based on the assessment findings, but generally, most qualify.

If you are interested in re-shaping your body, consider SculpSure Chicago, today.

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