3 Serious Situations That Call for Help From an Emergency Dentist

Many dental issues can wait until the next business day, but others need immediate attention. How do you tell when to seek a dental appointment for the first available date, and when you should seek emergency dental help? These three situations are examples of dental emergencies that just can’t wait.

An accident might have loosened or knocked out one or more of your teeth. There’s only a short window of time to undo the damage, so contact an emergency dentist as soon as possible. You’ll get instructions for how to care for those teeth while you make your way to the clinic.

If a crown or filling is damaged or pops out, there’s no time to waste. Before you know it, the exposed section of the tooth will begin to ache. There’s also the possibility of damaging the tooth itself. At an emergency dental clinic in Hamilton, you can receive a temporary filling or crown and prevent further damage or pain. These stopgap measures will work fine until you can get a permanent crown or filling.

Perhaps you have tried all sorts of remedies to ease your tooth pain, but instead of easing the discomfort, the pain is only getting worse. That’s a sign of something serious, like a gum infection or an abscess. Emergency care is the only option at this point. Putting off that call could lead to more serious dental issues, including losing a tooth.

When in doubt, call your dental clinic in Hamilton and describe what’s happened and the amount of pain you’re experiencing. Based on the nature of the event, you may be asked to come in as quickly as possible. When the issue is something that can wait until the morning, you’re likely to receive an appointment to see the dentist first thing that day.

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