3 Signs You Need to Visit a Radiator Repair Shop in Goodyear, AZ

The radiator plays a key role in keeping your engine from overheating. However, radiator issues may cause a variety of other problems with your vehicle. Reaching out to a automotive repair shop that offer radiator repair services is always a good idea to avoid additional damage to your car.

Here are three signs that you need to visit a radiator repair shop in Goodyear, AZ.

1 Temperature Gauge Displays Hot

One indication you may have a problem with your radiator is if the temperature gauge on your dashboard is running hotter than usual. Even if the check engine light hasn’t come on, getting this checked out as soon as you can is essential to avoid overheating your engine. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause other parts to fail prematurely increasing your repair costs!

2 Low Levels of Coolant

Taking the extra time to check all of the fluids in your vehicle is important routine maintenance. If you notice low levels of coolant, you may need to reach out to an auto shop to further investigate the issue. Check for any leaks on the pavement or any odd smells coming from your engine compartment or underneath your vehicle.

3 Signs of Rust or Discoloration

A leak in the radiator can cause fluid to land on your engine. This fluid will leave spots of discoloration and may eventually cause your engine or other components to rust. Grab a flashlight and inspect the area around your radiator to see if there are any indications of a leak.

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