3 Steps in Picking out a Granite Countertop

Picking granite as the material for the countertops in your kitchen and bathroom offers several benefits. It is scratch-resistant, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. While the price usually matches the prestige of the material, it does have a long lifespan that helps counter the costs. Deciding to go with granite also involves a more intricate installation process. When you purchase the countertops Minneapolis, the professionals will guide you through the process so that the end result is something you will enjoy viewing and using for the long haul.

Here are three steps involved in picking out granite for your countertops.

Pick the Stone

When you have chosen the fabrication company you are going to work with, their staff will ask you to pick the stone. Granite is available in more than one color and more than one texture. Some fabricators have access to unique pieces. This gives you the opportunity to purchase a beautiful accent for your home as well as one that is one of a kind. You are encouraged to visit the fabricator’s showroom so you can view your options in person. Then, the staff member who helps you can explain the rest of the process to you, too.

Pick the Edges

As you walk around the fabricator’s showroom, you will be shown samples of edges. Before your stone is installed, you will be asked to pick the edge you prefer. You can go with half bullnose, apron waterfall or 1/8 bevel, for example. If you have trouble picking out the best edge, consider the theme of your home and current decor. Then, make a decision.

Number of Cutouts

The countertops Minneapolis fabricators you pick will also need to know the number of cutouts you require. It helps them immensely if have their measurements with you.

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