3 Things Your Employer Can Ask About Your Medical Condition in Minnesota

If you suffered a work-related injury, then it may change the way you do your job. You may have problems lifting or need to sit for extended periods. For reasons like these, your doctors may put medical restrictions on MN limitations on you. Read on to find out about three things your employer can ask about your medical condition.

Medical Records

Your employer may have questions or want to see your medical records. He can not ask for a copy of your complete medical records. Your employer does not need access to all of the information in your medical folder.

Severity of Disability

The nature of your disability is another question that may come up. Your employer cannot ask about the underlying medical cause of your disability. He can only ask about the nature of your disability when it is job-related.

Request Medical Documentation

Some employers request medical documentation when an employee’s disability is not obvious. In this situation, the employee is not sure about how much to reveal about their medical condition. Here is what the documentation should contain: the credentials and name of your doctor, proof of the employee’s medical conditions, and diagnosis of the medical restrictions on MN limitations.

If you are working on a worker’s compensation claim, then you should talk to a lawyer. He can advise you about how to proceed with your case. It helps to know the legal ramification when handing over medical records to an employer.

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