3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Nose Ring

Body jewelry is wonderful when it’s chosen with care. This is true for nose rings as well as any other type of body ornamentation. Do you know how to select a nose ring that’s right for you? Here are three tips that will help.

Scale Matters

One of the more common mistakes that people make with body jewelry is choosing something that’s not the proper scale. Anything that’s too small simply get’s lost on your face and does nothing to accentuate your features. A nose ring that’s too large will mean people notice nothing else about your features. Go with something that happens to be the ideal proportions for your face and the look will definitely be more pleasing.

Always Check the Metal

The last thing anyone needs is nose rings that trigger some type of rash or other allergic reaction. Find out what the ring is made of before you buy it. If the metal content is something that you know has caused problems in the past, opt for a ring made using some other type of metal. In the long run, you’ll have something that provides years of wear instead of something that is taken out and never worn again.

Consider Styles That Blend in With Your Daily Dress

If the plan is to wear nose rings during most of the day, go with styles that easily take you from the workplace to any social setting that you enjoy. Pay close attention to the detailing and any colors used if you are not selecting something in a natural finish. Doing so means you will never wonder which ring is right to wear to work, to a concert, or while hanging out with your friends.

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