3 Tips for Roslyn Families Who Care for Someone with Alzheimer’s

Watching Alzheimer’s affect a loved one is both heartbreaking and challenging. Now is when your loved one needs your family the most, and the emotions that you may feel are normal. Self-care is important for those who take care of someone with this condition.

Make Time for Yourself

Work with others in your family or a professional who provides alzheimer care in Roslyn to free up time in your schedule so you can enjoy your favorite activities or rest at home. Denying yourself any breaks from your caretaking role can lead to burnout; building frustration, resentment, and impatience.

Trust the Medical Team

Anxiety is a common experience for caretakers of people who have Alzheimer’s. Put your trust in the medical team and others who manage the day-to-day activities of your loved one. Giving your mind a break often leads to new insights and commitment to supporting your loved one through this transition.

Find a Support Group

If you feel alone in this journey, there are many people around you who can relate. Support groups are a great way to find others who share your feelings and have compassion for the challenges that you face each day.

Where to Find Resources for Alzheimer’s Care in Roslyn

The Regency Assisted Living offers Alzheimer’s care in Roslyn and support for seniors who benefit from assisted living environments. Call them today to learn more and schedule a tour of the facility.

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