3 Tips for Safely Using Smokeless Tobacco

So you’ve decided to work down your smoke intake and go with smokeless tobacco. You can do it! The task may seem complicated and difficult, but there is still hope to get you through the tough times. This can be to either cut down on smoking or even quit if you decide to. Most dippers have more difficulty quitting than cigarette or cigar users, due to the nicotine going directly into the bloodstream having a shorter, but faster effect on the body. Snus tobacco is provided in a variety of smokeless tobacco flavours available for your needs if you do not decide to quit smoking. The change of course takes time so you can decide what’s best for you. With a few tips you will be well on your way to a smokeless solution that still gives you the nicotine you crave.

Myths & Truths

1. Myth #1 – Tobacco in cigarettes is better for you than Snus. Tobacco is tobacco no matter how you take it in. One is no worse than the other with the exception that Snus gives you a more immediate flavour that satiates the palette of tobacco users.

2. Myth #2 – Regular gum cleaning and dental care do not help. Brushing and flossing helps remove plaque that may accumulate from the chemical residue. Dip and nicotine can be harmful to the gums and can deteriorate the enamel that is essential to keeping the structure of your teeth intact. The same goes for sugars and many other foods. If you take care of your teeth and gums with regular and proper dental care you will be fine while enjoying your tobacco.

3. Myth #3 – Quitting smoking, dipping, or chew is easy. We all know that addictions have a deep psychological and emotional impact on people’s lifestyle. An abrupt end or change of habits could cause setbacks or other detrimental illnesses or diseases. If you would like to lessen the use of tobacco, then use it more sparingly while still giving yourself the option to enjoy what you crave once in a while.

Tuck a Pouch and Go

The beauty of using tobacco enclosed in a pouch is that it is easier to handle and use. You just simply tuck a pouch in your mouth and go. You can get the same great taste you always wanted without the mess. No matter where you are, you can use this type of tobacco.

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