3 Tips That Will Help Improve Your San Francisco Direct Mail Campaign

Past experience tells you that the right approach to a direct mail campaign San Francisco can yield significant returns. The goal is to motivate the recipients to open the mail piece, read about what you have to offer, and then make the effort to reach out and place an order. Choosing to employ these three tips will increase the odds of having more people respond to your campaign.

You can buy mailing lists with ease, but are they all worth it? Some of those lists haven’t been updated in years or they aren’t made up of people who have expressed an interest in the type of products you offer. Stay away from those kinds of lists.

Qualified Mailing Lists Only

What you want is a qualified list that’s up to date and only contains the names and addresses of consumers who have purchased similar goods or services in the past. That’s the target audience which is most likely to read your mail piece and give your company a try.

Pay Close Attention to the Quality and Layout of the Content

Just as in an online setting, the mailing piece you send out must catch the recipient’s eye. That means laying out the page so it’s not just one long block of text. Feel free to responsibly utilize bold sub-headers, some color, and maybe a bullet list or two. The idea is to provide something that holds the reader’s attention all the way to the end. This one tip will increase the odds of enjoying a higher volume of positive attention from your direct mail campaign San Francisco.

Use The Right Type of Paper

The paper used to create interoffice memos isn’t good enough for a direct mail campaign San Francisco. Select the paper with the same care that you put into choosing paper for your company letterhead. Ideally, it should be a little thicker and have slightly more texture. That helps to set it apart from many of the other pieces that people receive in the mail.

Remember that you should think through every aspect of your campaign before printing and mailing anything. Pay attention to the little details and give people reasons to open and read the piece. In the long run, you’ll be doing something that helps enhance the company’s reputation and possibly leads to greater returns.

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