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3 Tips to Avoid Overworking Your Home’s HVAC System

Posted By: Leah Austin

More than 84 percent of homes in the United States have some type of air conditioning system. When hotter temperatures arrive, you will need your HVAC unit to run at full capacity. Professional maintenance is essential to keep this part of a home reliable. Most air conditioning repair services in Katy, TX, can help with this maintenance. As temperatures rise, the risk of overworking your unit does as well. In order to prevent this strain, check out the following tips.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Proper air flow is the cornerstone of any HVAC system. A key component to maintaining this air flow is the air filter. Most air conditioning repair services in Katy, TX, recommend changing this filter every 30 days. Putting a fresh filter in your unit won’t solely help avoid air flow problems, but it will remove harmful allergens from your residence as well. Investing in a higher quality filter is well worth it considering the benefits it can provide.

Find the Right Thermostat Setting

Among the most common causes of overworking an HVAC unit is your thermostat settings. Ideally, you should set your thermostat between 70 and 75 degrees. Choosing lower temperatures will keep your unit running more often, which can cause undue stress. Not only can the right thermostat settings reduce the strain on your unit, but it can save money on your electric bills as well.

Keep the Heat Out

Before the summer months arrive, inspect your home to identify any drafts. Sealing up drafts around windows and doors will help keep the heat out. If you are unsure how to perform this work, hire air conditioning repair services in Katy, TX, to assist.

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