3 Ways to Create a Level Surface for a Swing Set on Your Lawn

How do you level a swing set on a lawn? This is a common question for parents and homeowners who may not have a flat, even yard to make setting up the swing set easier. When you have land that’s slightly skewed or very hilly, your options for setting up the swings may be very limited. These suggestions can help you have more success.

Manipulate the Soil
The simplest solution is to use digging equipment to move the soil around and create a more even surface manually. In addition to a shovel, you should use a carpenter’s level to get the surface as even as possible. This will allow you to insert the posts into the ground at the same level on all sides.

Install Support Blocks
This is another way to even up the swing set when the ground is only slightly uneven. Support blocks of different sizes can make up for a slope in the ground when you bury them in the soil at different depths. The major drawback of this option is that the blocks represent a trip and fall hazard for children as they run around the swing set.

Build a Retaining Wall
Most homeowners who want to know how do you level a swing set on a lawn are asking because they have a significant slope or hill on their property. In this situation, the best solution is to hire a contractor to install a retaining wall. Once the wall has been completed, you can shore up the soil to create a level surface. The retaining wall will keep the added soil from eroding over time.

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