4 Factors To Consider When Buying Commercial Destratification Fans

Making the decision to add destratification fans to your commercial or industrial building is a wise choice. These fans are used to create gentle air circulation from the exterior and interior of the room and from floor to ceiling, eliminating hot and cold spots and layering of air in bands of increasing heat in areas with high ceilings.

The results noted after installing commercial destratification fans include a reduction in energy costs for HVAC systems of up to 30%, and an extended life of the HVAC system through less frequent cycling on and off. Fogging and condensation in the room can also be prevented, and this reduces the likelihood of mold and mildew.

When choosing between the different options in commercial destratification fans, take the time to consider these factors, which can be matched to your specific space requirements.

Fan Motor Speed and Controls

Ideally, any fans in use in the commercial space should be easy to control and offer multiple speeds. Controlling the fan should be simple from the ground, and a programmable fan is always a good investment.

Options in Fan Styles

There are flush mount fans that are ideal in grid and suspended types of ceilings, as well as round and square styles that are used in open ceilings. Some companies offer a color match option, which allows the fans to arrive matched to the color of the ceiling, ideal for public or customer areas.

Air Movement and Efficiency

Look for the commercial destratification fans that offer the greatest air movement for the lowest amount of energy consumption. While these fans are very efficient, there are some manufacturers with highly efficient fans that are durable and also cost-effective.

Field Service

Finally, always check to make sure the fans can be serviced in the field. This saves on the cost of serving the fan and also eliminates the need for taking it down, repairing and then reinstalling the fan.

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