4 Problems with DIY Roofing in Dallas TX

Does your roof have curled or cracked asphalt shingles? Maybe you noticed a few missing shingle tabs or your gutters have a great deal of asphalt granules in them. These are signs you may need a new roof, and you can do the job yourself, or you can call your local roofing company in Dallas TX. Here are four good reasons to leave this job to the professionals.

1. Lack of Knowledge

When people climb ladders to get on roofs, the chance for having an accident increases. One of the biggest reasons for DIY roofing injures in Dallas TX is lack of knowledge. Most homeowners do not have the proper training to do a roofing job. They are often unaware of many problems which commonly lead to accidents.

2. Lack of Experience

How many times have you reroofed a house? If you are like many homeowners, this is your first roofing job. Installing shingles takes experience because this is one of the best ways to learn what “not to do.” It is easy to make mistakes, and this can result in a shoddy looking roofing job in Dallas TX. Improperly installed shingles can cause leaks and premature wear.

3. Lack of Equipment

Do you have all the tools you need for your project? Shingle installation takes specialized equipment and tools. For example, if you tear off the old shingles, you should have special tools for shingle removal. This makes the job go faster and easier. You also need proper measuring and marking tools to make sure you install your new shingles evenly.

4. Lack of a Guarantee

Your new shingles come with a good guarantee, but it is contingent upon proper installation. A trusted roofer can give you a warranty on your new roof and the workmanship. He is there to help you choose the best materials in the DFW area.

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