4 Things to Help You Get Ready When Your Baby Starts on Solids

Once your baby starts on solids, new parents tend to be more aware of where food comes from, what’s healthy and what kind of options can safely be fed to a child. Read on to help you get ready as your child conquers another milestone in her baby book.

Go for organic food

Choosing organic food reduces your child’s exposure to pesticides, synthetic hormones, and antibiotics, all of which can have harmful effects on the nervous system of a baby, Parents says. By opting for organic food, you can significantly cut down on the pesticide residues she consumes by giving her organic fruits and vegetables.

Pay for food delivery

Not everyone has the time or talent to prepare meals for their baby, though. If you haven’t got enough time to shop for the ingredients and cook the meal while you take care of your child, it makes sense to get help. Look for an organic baby food delivery service in Fairfield County. The delivery service can save you time and effort so you can do more with your day.

Pick out variety

The good thing about an organic baby food delivery service in Fairfield County is that you can pick out different meal packets for your baby. That’s an easy way to introduce new food to your little girl. Exposure to a range of textures, flavors, and colors at such an early age will help train her taste buds. When she grows up, she’ll learn to love the taste of vegetables and fruits, so she’ll probably reach for a celery stick over bacon and French fries.

Wait it out

Remember not to introduce all the new food at once. Give her about 2-3 days after she’d taken the food to check for allergies she may have. If nothing happens, then introduce the next dish on your list.

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