4 Tips To Get Your Best Acting Headshots

If you want to succeed in the movie industry, you definitely got to have great acting headshots. These photos are one of the most essential tools in your arsenal if you want to be a successful actor. Throughout the course of your career, you will go through countless of headshots. This means that you have to know how to prepare for these photo shoots! Here are some professional tips on how to get set for a headshot.

1. Choose what to wear.

When it comes to acting headshots, it is not only your face that matter. You also have to wear the right wardrobe. However, since the picture only captures shoulder or mid-bust up, it is only the shirt which you need to really invest. Choose clothes that accentuate your shape, usually shirts with solid color are recommended. Jewelry should be worn with much care so as it will not distract the attention away from you. As a general rule in headshot photography, wardrobe should be kept simple and must emphasize your face.

2. Plan ahead.

Plan your makeup and hairstyle for the day. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, consider hiring the services of a professional hairstylist and a makeup artist. For men, this should not be a major problem as they are not likely required to put on a makeup. Adding a touch of concealer to hide some blemish or pimple may be enough. For women, the use of makeup must be carefully studied so that it will not guise up your features. A clean and natural look would be best for acting headshots. A good rule of the thumb for the hair is that it should be neatly combed and does not veil the face.

3. Make use of the days before the headshot.

Days before the shoot, you need to be physically prepared for the take. For this, you have to pamper your body through exercise and a good 8 hours sleep at night. Avoid doing any type of skin treatment immediately before the shoot. If you are planning to get a facial treatment, do it days before so that the redness and other possible skin irritations normalize in time for your headshots. Eat proper diet, particularly, avoid too much salt.

4. Be ready for the big day.

You do not want to cram at the last minute, so pack up your supplies well before the scheduled photo shoot. Aside from avoiding leaving or missing some things, you also save yourself from the stress common with cramming. Eat a nutritious meal with adequate amounts of protein for the long day ahead. If possible, you can do some light workout just to liven up your body and get your heart pumping. Be sure to arrive in the studio well ahead of the set time so that you can have enough time setting up and preparing.

Most importantly, you have to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the headshots shoot. Be confident and think positive. All these will show in your pictures!


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